Legal Checklist For Getting Married

Getting married is one of the most exciting things. But as much as there is excitement. Most people find themselves worried and very nervous. You could be wondering where to begin. It can be even more challenging when you and your partner differ in traditions and norms concerning marriage. What’s more important is that your union binds you legally.

Legal binding includes obtaining legal documents from the court of law. This requirement determines if or not your marriage is valid. So, do you plan on getting married soon? Or have you already made a plan? Congratulations! Here is a legal checklist for getting married;

Marriage License

A legal marriage should have a marriage license. The state authority or a church issue the license. There are often procedures to be followed before attaining this license. These procedures may differ from state to state and can change over time. The marriage license shows that you are legally permitted to marry. The license is useful in the state where you acquire it. You can not acquire a license from this one state when the wedding will take place in another state.

Marriage ceremony

A marriage ceremony is also another requirement that is vital when getting married. You perform a marriage ceremony in the presence of witnesses and the person officiating the marriage. The witnesses should be at least two.

Pre-marriage agreement

Also called a prenuptial agreement. It is meant to protect the spouses’ assets and to figure out who is to bear particular debts. When you sign a prenuptial agreement, you get into a financial contract with your spouse. It is very important to use it, especially if you want to protect your children’s inheritance.


Most countries require that you provide notice of approaching marriage. A notice allows the community to raise any objections they have against the union. It also allows parents and close relatives to give their consent on the marriage.

Name changes

Most spouses prefer that the woman changes her last name to that of their husbands. Some couples choose to come up with a completely different name. In this case, you are supposed to change your name legally. This includes changing names in all of your documents.

Agreements with the wedding vendors

During the marriage ceremony, you will need several services. Most ceremonies hire catering, photography services among others. You need to agree with these vendors, stating the terms of service they should provide. They (vendors) get to know the number of people they are expected to offer services to. This helps them to plan adequately for the event.

To sum up, we all agree that marriage is a crucial rite of passage. Every couple wants to have a happy marriage and be forever together. But planning a marriage can be very stressful at times. You have so many decisions to make at this moment. Just do not forget to take time and consider the legal aspects of marriage. While this union is a time to rejoice and triumph, it’s important you understand that it should be legally binding between two people. Before you get married, you can consider going through the legal checklist to guide you.